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Professional Modern Kora


NOW is the time to have your handmade authentic Kora Made by the Dialys or Griots from the heart of the Kora Music world in Senegal, West Africa to you!

Enjoy included in the purchase of your Professional Modern Kora: international or local shipping fees included, strings set pack with 21 specialist strings plus 1 kora bag.

As the Kora is built from a large calabash you will find that prices vary as per the calabash sizes: Small-Mini, Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) or Extra Large (XL).

This wonderful musical instrument is professionally made by Djalys (or Griots) families from the Mandinka heritage.

Your purchase includes: 1 professional Kora, 1 strings set pack with 21 specialist strings, 1 kora bag to protect your instrument.

*FREE shipping

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This 21-strings professional kora is a handmade musical instrument by Djali (or Griot) families from the Mandinka heritage.

Prices varies as per the calabash size: Medium (M), Large (L) or Extra Large (XL).

Your purchase comes with the items below:

  • 1 traditional Kora
  • 1 strings set pack (with 21 specialist strings)
  • 1 kora bag (to safely protect your instrument)

*FREE shipping
Order NOW your authentic Kora.


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small, Small-Mini


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